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① 低フォドマップレシピ

低フォドマップな【 チキンナゲット / Chicken nugget 】レシピ

① 低フォドマップレシピ


今回も、無理しない【 低 FODMAPごはん 】を紹介します。


今回の 低 FODMAPごはんは チキンナゲット です

高 FODMAP食材を使わない、過敏性腸症候群の安心ごはん(^^)/


Low-FODMAPごはん【 チキンナゲット 】

♦ チキンナゲット (2人前) ※薄めの味

チキンナゲット(2人前)  ※薄めの味


〇 鶏ミンチ   300gくらい
〇 玉子     1個
〇 塩      少々
コショウ    好みの量
生姜すりおろし 好みの量 (※または黒こしょう)

〇 砂糖     小さじ1/2
〇 醤油     小さじ1 ⇨ ※ 塩 小さじ1/2に変えても良い。
マヨネーズ   小さじ1

〇 米粉     大さじ2~3

● 米油   揚げる用


  1. サラダなどを先に準備しておく。※食中毒予防のため
  2. 鶏肉の塊の場合は、フードプロセッサーなどで鶏ミンチにする。
  3. ○材料を上から順にボウルへ入れてよく混ぜる。 ⇨ボウルの代わりにナイロン袋でも良い。
  4. フライパンか厚手の鍋に適量の米油を入れ、170℃程度まで熱する。
  5. スプーン2本で一口大のナゲットを作り、次々と油に入れて揚げる。
  6. ナゲットの大きさにもよりますが、始めは油170~180℃程度で揚げて、キツネ色に変わってきたら、裏返してほど良いキツネ色になるまで火を通す。





♦ おわりに






English version : Low-FODMAP【 Chicken nugget 】

Low-FODMAP Chicken nugget Light taste

Chicken nugget ingredients

〇 Minced chicken:about 300g per sheet

〇 Egg      : 1

〇 Salt      :a little

〇 Black pepper     :your favorite amount

Grated ginger  :your favorite amount

〇 Sugar    :1/2 teaspoon

〇 Soy sauce  :1 teaspoon
* If you don’t have soy sauce or don’t like it, you can change it to 1/2 teaspoon of salt instead of soy sauce.

〇 Mayonnaise :1 teaspoon

〇 Rice flour   :2~3 Tbsp

● Rice oil for frying

How to make “Chicken nugget” 

※ Light taste

  1. For chunks of chicken: Mince chicken in advance with a food processor.
  2. ○ Put the ingredients in a bowl in order from the top and mix well ! ⇨ A nylon bag may be used instead of the bowl.
  3. Put an appropriate amount of rice oil in a frying pan or a thick pan and heat to 170 ~180℃.
  4. Make nugget with two spoons, put it repeatedly in oil and fry them.
  5. Depending on the size of the nugget, fry it in oil at 170~180 at first, and when it turns golden brown, turn it over and cook until it becomes a good golden brown color.

* (It is better to remove the nugget from the oil and put it in a vat until the temperature rises・・・) Finally, heat the oil temperature to 190~200 and fry to make the outside of the nugget crispy.

* If you make a small flat mass, it will be completed quickly.

* Whether or not the fried chicken is fried depends on the size, so make sure that it is cooked.

* If you want to use less oil; you can put a little more oil in a frying pan and bake the nuggets one side at a time.


・ The fried food was crispy and delicious ☺.

・ Chicken thighs are softer than chicken breasts.

・ Just by changing the usual wheat flour to rice flour and not using garlic.

・ It is recommended to reduce salt as much as possible, but when you eat them if the taste is light, add some spices, salt, sauce, etc.

・ You can arrange it that add sesame seeds, cheese, curry powder, etc.

・ When eating, supplement the vegetables with salad.


Thank you for reading the article until the end (^^) /